Introducing Mike Wright, the Facet Follies Cartoonist!

Mike developed a love for cartons at a very early age and relates it with fond family memories.  Every Sunday after church, when Mike’s mom cooked Sunday dinner, Mike and his brother curled up on their Dad’s lap so he could read the Sunday funnies to them.  Mike was fascinated by all the different types of cartoons and wanted to give it a try himself.

mike_wright_profile_picMike is completely self-taught.  He has spent countless hours sketching everything and everyone around him.  Mike honed his attention to detail until he became proficient in creating exact likeness.  This fine-tuned his technique to create the style of cartoons that he desired.

This passion consumed his childhood.  One afternoon, scavenging through his Grandmother’s attic, Mike discovered a trunk full of drawings and cartoons that his Dad drew during his own childhood.  This fueled Mike’s desire to pursue his dream for himself and his Dad.  When he started high school he decided to take some art classes, thinking this would help improve his technique.  Instead he received criticism from his teachers that his work looked “cartoonish”.  Mike felt that they were missing the point!

As Mike became an adult, and the day to day challenges of life burdened him, he found less time to work on his cartoons.  He was solely focused on his job and caring for his elderly parents.  Mike had to put his dreams on a shelf.

Then several years later his cousin, Brian Ford, owner of Facet Technologies, Inc., approached Mike to help create a comic strip for his company.  The comic would be used for Facet’s newsletter and social media sites.  This rekindled his passion.  Once he brought out his sketch pad and pencil, Mike realized he still had the skill and love for cartoons.

Facet Follies was born!